What is Art Club

Art Club is a community gathering where people combine Focusing and creativity for inner healing and emotional expression. This space is designed to encourage personal growth that is self-led, yet group supported. 

It was created as a place for young people to grow and adopt new skills related to inner-work and self-regulation. Huntress believes that we need more spaces where emotional processing is encouraged, designated, and supported. Art Club provides the time, space, resources and community support that is needed for this kind of inner-reflection to happen. Though Art Club aims to draw in the young, all ages are fully welcome. Diversity brings richness to this group, and intergenerational connections offer another kind of healing wisdom and support that is lacking in our modern cultures, too. 

As an Art Club session begins, members participate in a focusing activity that leads each person inward for listening and exploration. There, each person has their own unique experience from which they can express through their medium of choice. Everyone is given time here to be with their experience and process it however they choose. When they come back together as a group, all hold space for listening and sharing what creative forms emerged.